Originally founded in 2009 and the oldest bartender-owned brand in the United Kingdom, The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen is home to an array of botanical based beverages including the House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins, the Dr. Adam’s Cocktail Bitters portfolio, and the Italian influenced Pietro Nicola range of liqueurs, amari and fortified wine.

Family run by Adam & Steffie Elan-Elmegirab, The House of Botanicals operates with a zero-waste ethos and ethically sources all our raw materials. Our sole desire is to create a range of unique, quality, hand-crafted products for the growing demands of the beverage industry, with the spotlight shone on botanicals and the influence they have in the world of mixed drinks.

All our products are created and manufactured in our production facility which is found in the heart of Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland. Situated within the railway arches behind Union Square, at The House of Botanicals we consume an abundance of caffeinated drinks, wear Adidas kicks, religiously listen to the indelible sounds of hip-hop, and on any given day will be found crafting some of the world’s finest beverages which are used around the globe by leading bartenders in the greatest bars our planet has to offer.



We’ve always been inspired and driven by how we can combine tradition with modernity, as can be witnessed throughout our portfolio of botanical spirits. Every element of our Old Tom Gin’s production – from the ABV it is bottled to the weight of sugar we use per litre of gin – stays true to what Old Tom originally was back in the 18th century whilst dragging it into the current day to suit modern tastes. Most importantly our Old Tom pays respect to the offering of its most famous proponent, one Thomas Chamberlain from the now defunct Hodge’s Distillery, the man who Old Tom Gin takes its name.

As long-term champions of collaboration, and with Old Tom’s inherent and historic links to London, the first stage of production takes place in the UK capital before being shipped to our dedicated production facility in Aberdeen and compounded – again a nod to early Old Tom bottlings – with a range of natural botanicals across all variants.

The Coat of Arms label design is a homage to the Aberdeen and London City Coats of Arms, with the Black Panther / Cat additionally a reference to early Old Tom branding, as well as hip-hop which we listen to most days at the House of Botanicals.

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The founding family of our product range, the Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters portfolio harks back and pays respect to the first Golden Age of the cocktail in the 1800s. We achieve this by recreating bitters which have been lost to the sands of time, such as Boker’s Bitters, Spanish Bitters, and Orinoco Aromatic Bitters, whilst also formulating new flavour profiles focused on current demands and trends as can be found in our Dandelion & Burdock Bitters, Aphrodite Bitters, Teapot Bitters, seasonal Winter Spiced Bitters and our single origin Brazilian Bitters.

Adopting traditional production techniques all our bottlings are hand crafted, combining high quality spirit purchased from England’s Langley Distillery, with specially selected botanicals sourced from across the globe. Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters are all produced with natural – and organic in every case possible – ingredients and never use glycerine, preservatives, or synthetic flavourings and colourings.


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The House of Botanicals x CFINE Hand sanitiser

We care about our local and wider communities so intend to produce and donate hand sanitiser to those in need for the entirety of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additionally we’re also selling hand sanitiser to break even, with any additional profits donated to CFINE; a foodbank close to our premises in Aberdeen city centre.


World Health Organisation recommended handrub containing 70% Ethanol, Vegetable Glycerol and Hydrogen Peroxide

We have removed the cap on order sizes but ask you to be considerate, whilst also encouraging you to contact elderly or vulnerable neighbours to ascertain if they require a bottle which we can deliver to you in one drop.

All purchase orders for a 70cl bottle of our Classic Old Tom Gin, Maple Old Tom Gin or Raspberry Old Tom Gin, or a 50cl bottle of our Pietro Nicola Nocino (Green Walnut Liqueur) and Caffè Margaux (Barrel-Aged Coffee Bean Spirit) will receive a free bottle of hand sanitiser.

Simply add the bottle to your cart and we will do the rest when packing your order.