Since our inception in 2009 our business ideology has been built around the belief of reinvesting profit, to focus on organic growth, and nurture and develop business relationships with consumers, bartenders, bars, retailers and distributors alike. These formative years of The House of Botanicals were always geared towards the day the company would move into its own dedicated production facility, a goal we successfully achieved on October 18th 2016 when we obtained the keys to our new home, the only one of its kind found within the city limits of Aberdeen and unlike anything else in the UK.

Situated underneath the city’s railway line and next door to its largest shopping centre Union Square, the railway arches on Palmerston Road were built in 1867 and have been home to numerous enterprises over the decades, today housing a collection of local businesses including a cafe, dance studio, clothing shop and now The House of Botanicals, a 2500 square foot unit celebrating the storied history of the partnership between botanicals and alcohol. The city of Aberdeen has an illustrious past in the world of drinks with beer, whisky, rum and gin formerly at its forefront and we desire to tell that story, whilst adding to it with our own wares alongside the many beverage producers in operation today who are reviving Aberdeen’s renown in the drink’s industry, not just locally but around the world.

The House of Botanicals is divided up into various sections including…


Where the daily operations and logistics planning takes place, The Office at the House of Botanicals is where we formulate ideas, build business partnerships, oversee our global distribution, wholesale and retail network, and grow our brand worldwide. A dedicated meeting area is also in place.


A boardroom, presentation room and tasting room in the first instance, The Library at the House of Botanicals houses a private collection of drinks literature from days of lore, dating back to Jerry Thomas’s 1862 Bon Vivant’s Companion, right up to Dave Wondrich’s 2007 modern classic Imbibe. Additionally it serves as a library for botanical based beverages with a collection of gins, bitters, fortified wines, amari, liqueurs, beers, and everything else in between, in residence.

The Library is an open space for bartenders to immerse themselves in all things botanical, to read, drink and learn in comfortable surroundings, while consumers will be welcomed to join Adam Elan-Elmegirab and friends from the drinks industry in a variety of tutored tasting sessions.


Our dedicated laboratory will be set-up in-house to enable us to carry out measurements, research, experimentation, and analysis in controlled conditions. The Lab will be responsible for maintaining the high standard and quality you come to expect from The House of Botanicals .


As a small but growing brand which is not at the behest of marketing teams and shareholders, The House of Botanicals will continue to manufacture products to satisfy the demands of bartenders and drinks enthusiasts around the world.

Whilst our beginnings commenced in the world of cocktail bitters, The Production Floor at the House of Botanicals is now a location for developing a range of botanical based beverages which stay true to our ethos, background and story. Joining Dr. Adam’s Bitters we now produce The House of Botanicals Spirits and the Pietro Nicola range of Aperitivi and Digestivo.


The House of Botanicals

Arch 4, Palmerston Road
AB11 5RE
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 582992
Email: info@doctoradams.co.uk
Web: www.doctoradams.co.uk

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Tour Times: 6pm – 8pm (Thursday) and 2pm-4pm (Saturday)
Please note: Due to our production schedule tour times may vary. For group bookings outwith the above hours please contact us on by email or telephone.

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