Pietro Nicola Shakerato (50cl – Espresso Martini)


Ready-to-Serve Bottled Cocktails by The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen.

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Pietro Nicola Shakerato is expertly crafted and inspired by Dick Bradsell’s world-famous Espresso Martini and the classic Italian serve of fresh espresso and sugar shaken with ice. Our Shakerato combines cold brew coffee with Pietro Nicola Caffè Margaux, House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin, Salted Cacao and Demerara to offer up a Rich, Aromatic and Bittersweet cocktail.

Please note: Each bottle contains no less than five serves.
Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee, Caffè Margaux, Old Tom Gin, Salted Cacao, Demerara
How to Use: To serve, simply shake 100mls with ice for 10 seconds then fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. To garnish we recommend three coffee beans and a snap of fresh lemon zest expressed over the drink. Alternatively measure 100ml into an ice filled rocks glass and finish with 50ml milk for a variant of the White Russian, or measure 50ml into a tall glass filled with ice and finish with 100ml chilled tonic water for an Espresso Tonic
Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.
Bottle Volume: 500ml / 17.5oz
ABV: 19.2%
Units: 9.6
Bottle Material: Fully Recyclable Glass & Natural Wooden Cork
Waste Material: Zero Plastic
Vegan friendly

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