Pietro Nicola Nocino (50cl – Walnut Liqueur)


Launched in December 2019, Pietro Nicola Nocino is the inaugural bottling from our range of Aperitivi & Digestivo. An aromatic, spiced and bittersweet Walnut Liqueur made using unripe Green Walnuts which are macerated in alcohol for forty days, and seasoned with an array of natural botanicals.

Nowadays Nocino is most commonly associated with and consumed in Italy as a digestif, however it is actually believed to have origins in the northern and eastern parts of Scotland with the earliest records linked to the Pictish people, who consumed it as a restorative tonic, for its perceived medicinal qualities, and as a digestive aid.

We believe it is best enjoyed neat, over ice, or in variants of Cocktails, Highballs, Flips and Liqueur Coffees

Key Botanicals

Coffee Beans, Allspice Berries, Mace Blades, Vanilla Beans, Ceylon Cinnamon, Dried Lemon Peel and Cloves.

Weight 0.6 kg

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