Pietro Nicola Caffè Margaux (50cl – Coffee Spirit)


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Launched in March 2020, Pietro Nicola Caffè Margaux is the second bottling from our range of Aperitivi & Digestivo that takes cues from the roots of our founder, but is predominantly inspired by the drinking culture of Italy.

For the production of Caffè Margaux (pronounced Kah-fay Mar-Go), a rich, intense and bittersweet coffee spirit, we firstly age green Ethiopian coffee beans in an oak-barrel that previously held both Bourbon and Porter – with the green beans essentially acting like a sponge absorbing flavours such as vanilla and toffee from the whiskey, and dark chocolate, dark fruit and nuts from the porter – before roasting the beans, cooling, grounding and macerating in neutral grain spirit for a minimum of two weeks. After this period we filter, dilute to bottling strength and lightly sweeten with a touch of demerara sugar to assist the richness and mouthfeel.

We believe it is best enjoyed neat, over ice with dry tonic water, or in variants of Cocktails, Highballs and Flips, though we do always suggest you share it with your nearest and dearest

Key Botanicals

Coffee Beans, Demerara Sugar.

Weight 600 kg

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