Launched globally in the April of 2018, House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin is the first foray into the world of botanical spirits for the Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s brand, with a product we’ve long had an association to because of our adoration for the Martinez cocktail.

Launched at the Aberdeen Gin Fest in July 2018, the House of Botanicals Maple Gin was originally discovered in old newspaper archives whilst bartending back in 2010, with our variant created during the Research & Development stage of our classic Old Tom Gin introducing a floral and spicy edge to accompany the dominant juniper flavour.

Officially launched at Taste of Grampian in June 2019, our House of Botanicals Raspberry Old Tom Gin is a seasonal exclusive that will be available solely from June through to September, or as long as we can source locally grown Scottish raspberries.

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