Lively, Fiery, Spicy


Inspired by the dried botanicals used in the manufacture of Orinoco Aromatic Bitters, my Morrissey’s Beard Oil are produced with 100% pure essential oils and take their name from the leader of one of New York’s most renowned gangs. Bare-knuckle boxer, gambler and congressman, John Morrissey was undoubtedly most notorious for being the head of The Roach Guards, an Irish American gang based in New York in the 19th century. Born in Tipperary in 1831, Morrissey travelled as a young child with his parents to Troy, New York. Determined to escape a life of hardship, Morrissey would work for Irish crime bosses before a short time in jail encouraged a move to Manhattan aged 18, at this point a bearded, hulking, fearless man. Morrissey swiftly commanded the respect of Captain Isaiah Rynders, the first Irish mob boss in New York City, when he entered his saloon and started a brawl, leading to Rynders to recruit him as a runner and enforcer. Most famously Morrissey would earn the nickname “Old Smoke” when during a fight his opponent knocked him over a hot stove and pinned him atop the burning coals. Despite these injuries Morrissey managed to get back on his feet and, still wearing his smouldering coat, gave his adversary a comprehensive beating.


Beard oil has two primary benefits, providing incredible aroma whilst improving the overall health of your beard and keeping the underlying skin moisturised.


A blend of two carrier oils combining Jojoba Oil, which is easily absorbed by the face as it is very similar to the natural oil produced by our skin, Sebum, and Grapeseed Oil, which strengthens and heals damaged hair but also has the added benefits of possessing moisture retentive properties and working as an acne reductive.


Using twice daily rub 5 to 6 drops between hands then massage upwards into your beard and skin. Pat off any excess. Groom and style as usual. Best used on dry beards.


Echoing the warm spice botanical profile of Aromatic Bitters, Morrissey’s Beard Oil combines Cardamom Oil to replenish and revitalise, Cinnamon Oil for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, Cassia Oil to strengthen the hair and follicle, Sandalwood Oil to soothe acne and relieve itching, Chamomile Oil as it offers shine to your hair, and Orange Oil which moisturises the skin.

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