BarBarossa's Beard Oil

Fresh, Floral, Citrus


Inspired by the dried botanicals used in the manufacture of Spanish Bitters, my Barbarossa’s Beard Oil are produced with 100% pure essential oils and take their name from one of history’s most feared pirates.

Born Khizr in 1478, Hayreddin Barbarossa gained notoriety as fleet admiral for the Ottoman empire during the 16th century where his dominance ensured Ottoman control throughout the Mediterranean.

Khizr’s honorary name of Hayreddin was given to him by Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and later became known as “Barbarossa” after inheriting the name from his elder sibling Oruç Reis following Oruç’s death in battle with the Spanish. Referred to as “Baba Oruç”, this pronunciation sounded like “Barbarossa” to Italian ears where it literally translates as, “Red Beard”. Given Oruç and Hayreddin did indeed possess red beards the nickname stuck, and the name Hayreddin Barbarossa would be immortalised as the greatest naval commander in the history of Islam.


Beard oil has two primary benefits, providing incredible aroma whilst improving the overall health of your beard and keeping the underlying skin moisturised.


A blend of two carrier oils combining Jojoba Oil, which is easily absorbed by the face as it is very similar to the natural oil produced by our skin, Sebum, and Grapeseed Oil, which strengthens and heals damaged hair but also has the added benefits of possessing moisture retentive properties and working as an acne reductive.


Using twice daily rub 5 to 6 drops between hands then massage upwards into your beard and skin. Pat off any excess. Groom and style as usual. Best used on dry beards.


Echoing the citrus and floral botanical profile of Spanish Bitters, Barbarossa’s Beard Oil combines Chamomile Oil for its anti-bacterial properties, Violet Oil which is perfect for dry skin, Orange Oil as it moisturises and offers shine to your beard, Lemon Oil to remove toxins and treat acne, and Coriander Oil to strengthen beard hair and maintain healthy growth.

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