Based on the traditional British beverage which dates back to the 1300s


The second bottling to join the Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters portfolio in the winter of 2009, Dandelion & Burdock Bitters sought to highlight the earthy and herbal notes offered up by the roots they’re named after, and create an almost amaro-like bitters unseen before.

Originally a type of light mead dating back to the 1300s which were thought to have been created by the Italian priest Saint Thomas Aquinas, they were famed for their alleged medicinal properties similar to the many cocktail bitters that followed in later years. Taking inspiration from Dandelion & Burdock formulae used to produce sodas and beers, I successfully devised a recipe which better represent the style associated with cocktail bitters.​


  • Orange peel (Spain)
  • Lemon peel (Spain)
  • Ginger root (China)
  • Dandelion root (China)
  • Burdock root (China)
  • Star anise (Vietnam)
  • Gentian root (France)

Tasting NOTES

Nose: Liquorice, honey and subtle spice.

Taste: Complex with earthy/woody notes and hints of malt, honey, muscavado, anise, liquorice, citrus peel and ginger.

Finish: Long, bitter liquorice and treacle finish with continued spice. 


Boker’s Bitters, Aphrodite Bitters, Orinoco Aromatic Bitters, Brazilian Bitters, Orange Bitters, Orange Curaçao, Pedro Ximenez sherry, fortified wine, dry white wine, ginger ale, bitter lemon, cream, rice milk, peach, cinnamon, coffee, dates, nutmeg, vanilla, blueberry, fennel, strawberry, rhubarb, cranberry, banana, walnuts, sweet potato…


Maple Buck

  • 45ml / 1.5oz House of Botanicals Maple Gin
  • 15ml / 0.5oz Rinquinquin
  • 7.5ml / 0.25oz Lemon Sherbet
  • 120ml / 4oz Ginger Ale
  • 3 Dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Orinoco Aromatic Bitters

Build all ingredients over cubed ice and lightly stir, garnish with a slice of fresh peach and fresh lemon zest

Created by Adam Elan-Elmegirab in 2018